Buying Services

Buying Services

It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

– Warren Buffett

Who would you rather perform open-heart surgery
on you, the guy who has done 100 or the guy that
just got out of med school?”

Whether you are buying your first dealership or your twentieth it’s good to know you are dealing with people who have successfully closed over 10 of their own deals and over 100 total transactions. Phil having been a dealer for 20+ years and Bill a GM and CFO and represented hundreds of buyers over the last 15 years, “We have been there and done that.”

Unlike many “brokers”, we are not an MLS.

The successful acquisition of a dealership should have a strategy behind it. While we are aware of the many opportunities where dealers are looking to sell their business as well as having exclusive listings, we do not post them on our site nor do we disclose all of our opportunities to every registered buyer. For the simple reason that confidentiality is essential, and there is no reason for a buyer looking for a tier one dealership in the Los Angeles market to cloud there mind with a tier 3 dealership in San Antonio…Apples and oranges.


Our Buyers fees are fixed depending upon type of franchise(s) purchased. We want our interests in perfect alignment with our buyers. Yes, you are correct…no one else structures there fees this way.

Phil’s Deal Mantra
for Buyers
This simple one page document will not only tell you how he approaches representing a buyer. Also, it will provide you with some thought starters should you decide to go it alone.